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About Gary 

Gary Brown, Artist

   My name is Gary Brown. I currently reside in Virginia. I was born and raised in Southeastern Indiana, where I lived for many years. During my time there, I attended classes at the Art Academy of Cincinnati while working as a corporate pilot.  I have also lived in East Texas and Central Louisiana, where I flew private jets for a living. It was there that I took many of the photographs that became and will become, my paintings. 

      In my art, I endeavor to capture exquisite moments in natural settings with particular emphasis on skyscapes…the ever-changing canvas of God’s creation.  Because I love the art of the story in all its forms, I enjoy adding elements of mystery to my work - such as roads that have no clear destination, softening the lines between reality and imagination.


     My paintings, done mostly in oils, are paired with music I have composed to create a unique audio/visual experience for the viewer/listener through which I seek to evoke a story in the mind’s eye. The joy of my creation is complete through connection with you.

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